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Since 1888, IBC Water has a proud tradition in the supply of water filtration and water conditioning products for Commercial, Industrial and Residential application. more..

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IBC Water specialises in the manufacture, distribution and servicing of water filters and water treatment products for
commercial, industrial and residential applications.


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Defender UV systems

Defender 65 UV systemNew design, whole-of-house UV filtration systems.  25 to 100 LPM models.  Very compact units, ready to install.  Includes flow controller and pressure gauges.

Fluoride removal

Fluoride removalThe Snowy River Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System is the ultimate in water filtration.

Water Coolers

Illustrated B18 Cook and Cold Coolers Keep fluids up this summer with an IBC Water cooler. See our large range available, from bottle style to mains pressure systems.

Water Softener Salt

Premium grade IBC water softener salt available in 25kg bags or 1.2 tonne pallets (48 bags per pallet)