Established in Australia in 1988, Continental Water Systems design and manufacture purified water systems for laboratory, medical, pharmaceutical, food processing, bottling and other industrial applications. Emphasis is placed on flexible system design and long term affordable support for our end users.  We provide efficient, economic and well-engineered solutions to most water purification applications using:

  • Reverse Osmosis - single and double stage;
  • Deionisation with Serviced, Automatic, and Continuous Deionisation options;
  • Ultra-Filtration;
  • UV Irradiation;
  • Organic Scavenging, Activated Carbon filtration, Ozone injection

All of these solutions are fully supported by our trained personnel.  We also support selected OEM equipment for consumable and service requirements with our programmed maintenance options.

Our client base extends from small manufacturers and processors requiring a few litres of general purpose grade water through to pharmaceutical manufacturing for significant volumes of water to meet BP and US standards for endotoxin free water.
For more information on Continental Water Systems, please visit our website.