A clarifier is a water treatment system designed to treat turbidity (haze) and colour in water which has been drawn from natural open form of storage such as a river, creek or dam.

 IBC Aquatube Clarifier
The Aquatube clarifier will bring any water (up to a maximum of 100NTU) to NHRMC standards for potable (drinking) water.  The principles involved are:

A multimedia filter is used to reduce large particulate matter.

By injecting chemicals into the water, the particles bind together to form a sludge (largely silts and clays from the raw water), and is then disposed of.

Chlorine is injected to sterilise the water supply.


Aquatube Clarfier System Features

  • Galvanised steel "U" tube settler
  • Automatic controlled chemical dosing
  • Media filtration
  • Automatic sludge dump facility
  • UPVC or ABS pipe work and valves
  • Bunded chemical storage tanks
  • PLC controlled with option of HMI, GSM dialler, or SCADA remote monitoring
  • Containerised or modular integration
Design: Removing total suspended solids and colloids, disinfection
Capacity: 30 m3 / day @ 25 LPM
Operating pressure: 300 - 450 kPa
Operating temperature: 5 - 45 deg C
pH range: 6.5 - 9.0
Max. feed. turbidity: 100 NTU


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