IBC Water Treatment can offer a full range of water softener units to assist the commercial and industrial sectors to improve the quality of water to meet exacting requirements and provide additional benefits.


  • beverage manufacturers
  • boiler feedwater treatment
  • bottle water plants
  • breweries
  • caravan parks
  • carwash sites
  • cooling tower treatment
  • construction camps
  • commercial buildings
  • defence installations
  • factories
  • food processors
  • general industry
  • home units and apartments
  • hospitals
  • hotels
  • laboratories
  • laundries
  • medical centres
  • metal manufacturing & metal finishing industries
  • motels
  • photographic industries
  • printing industry
  • resorts
  • restaurants
  • shopping complexes


  • maximise plant efficiency
  • reduce operating and energy costs
  • extend down stream equipment life
  • reduce scale
  • softened water reduces scale buildup thus preventing the heat source from being insulated from the heating medium and reduces the heating energy required. Scale acts as an insulator and is a very poor conductor of heat


Softeners are available in the following configurations

  • FIBREGLASS VESSELS - for commercial series
  • NON CODE AND CODE LINED VESSELS - for industrial series
  • RANGE OF TOP MOUNT AND SIDE MOUNT CONTROL - with options of time clock or demand microprocessor controls

Product Catalogue