Defender 65 UV systemThe Defender range of whole-of-house UV filtration systems are a step forward in design - simpler, more compact, and competitively priced.
The Defender range includes:

  • Defender 25:    25 LPM system
  • Defender 35:    35 LPM system
  • Defender 65:    65 LPM system
  • Defender 100:  100 LPM system

Defender systems feature 99.99% bacterial killing capacity.  All models come with a 5 micron rope wound sediment pre-filter, and most have a 5 micron granular carbon polishing post-filter (100 model has a 1 micron rope wound sediment post-filter).  They are fitted with differential pressure gauges, which give a visual indication of cartridge loading.
All models include a flow controller, ball valves, run meter, and pressure gauges, ready for installation.  Quality ABS pipework and fittings are used for strength and leakproof jointing.   All mounted to a grey PVC board ready for in-out connections.
These units are fitted with a lamp fail alarm which gives an audible signal if the lamp fails to light.
All models are available with internal or external transformer. 
Freestanding unistrut galvanised steel frame & legs.

More information:
Download 2 page Defender brochure.


Defender UV systems