IBC clear-flo TM

Residential water softeners remove the "water hardness" (calcium and magnesium minerals) from the water through an ion exchange process.
The symptoms of hard water
Hard water causes excessive use of detergents and soaps, bathtub rings, discolouring of glassware and dishes, and scale deposits on pipes and plumbing.

The effect?
Hard water is hard on your body.  It is harsh on your skin and hair.  It dulls colours and makes clothes feel coarse and stiff.  It can shorten the life of your dishwasher and hot water service.  Scale build-up from calcium in your hot water system also increases the costs of water heating.

The benefits of an IBC clear-flo water softener
The benefits come in many forms - longer life from appliances, lower heating costs, more efficient use of detergents, healthier skin, quality of drinking water and longer life from machine components due to non-scaling.

There are three configurations of IBC Water clear-flo™ residential water softeners:

  • IBC Water SoftenersSemi-automatic:
    No electricity required.  Regeneration cycle is initiated manually via a twist-timer dial;
  • Fully-automatic with Timer Control:
    Digital timer with cycle set to regenerate automatically at a specific time and day, eg 2am every 2nd day, based on estimated water use; 
  • Fully-automatic with Microprocessor Control:
    Digital water meter continuously calculates water usage, and automatically regenerates only when demand requires.

With each configuration there are two types of installation:

  1. The stylish, fully enclosed cabinet style (fibreglass resin tank enclosed in a high density, ultraviolet-stabilised cabinet incorporating 50kg salt storage).  Suitable for households up to 4 persons; and
  2. The economical twin tank style (free standing fibreglass resin cylinder design, with separate high density, ultraviolet-stabilised cabinet incorporating 50kg salt storage tank).  Suitable for households up to 6 persons.


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