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Since 1888, IBC Water has a proud tradition in the supply of filtration and water conditioning products for commercial, industrial and residential application.   We are well known and highly regarded as a reliable business partner
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IBC Water's three divisions are structured to best cover the needs of our wide range of customers:

  • Wholesale: supplying water filtration systems and consumables to industry resellers;
  • Service:  installing and servicing our complete range of water and waste water treatment systems.
  • Projects: direct water and waste water treatment solutions for business and industry;

In recent years, IBC Water has grown through acquisition and international partnerships, to create an industry leader offering an across-the-board range of products and services covering domestic, commercial, and industrial water treatment applications throughout Australasia.  Our brands include:

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Alpine Twin Water PurifierOur wholesale division supplies an extensive range of water filtration and treatment products to our reseller customers.  The majority of our wholesale products have a residential or semi-rural focus, such as domestic under-sink water filter systems, water softeners, and bore water treatment systems.

Our wholesale range includes water filter housings and systems; filter cartridges and membranes; water softeners; whole-of-house ultra violet systems; water coolers; and a wide range of parts, chemicals and media to suit our filtration products.

We also offer a technical recommendation service to our resellers, based on water testing and analysis.  In this way, we help them to provide the best solutions for their customers' specific water treatment needs.


IBC Water Service TeamWe have a full range of service products aimed at best matching our customers' needs, whether their requirement is for drinking quality water, treatment of waste water for re-use or pure water for laboratories.  Our services include:

  • Installation of water treatment systems;
  • Operating water treatment plants;
  • Ongoing maintenance services at regular intervals.

Our dedicated service team provides support for these systems:   water softeners, multi-media filtration, clarifiers, de-ionisation, reverse osmosis and membrane systems, ultraviolet purification, ozone disinfection, chemical dosing and waste water treatment.


Our passion has driven us to create some of the most reliable products and approaches to water quality problems in the Australian market today.  Our years of experience and our successes in this field have led to an accumulation of intellectual property and quality processes that are second to none.

We recognise the importance of delivering high quality, easily specified, simple to install and operate packaged solutions within tight time constraints.  This has lead to the release of our packaged solutions range, which includes:IBC Water Rainwater Harvesting System

  • Rainwater re-use
  • Waste water re-use
  • Potable water treatment
  • Packaged disinfection
  • Clarifiers
  • Membrane technology: reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration
  • Filtration
  • Chemical dosing
  • Desalination plants