IBC Water stock a comprehensive range of water treatment media and resin. The one stop shop for media top-up, replacement or new installation.


  • ATTRITION LOSS - Loss of media due to wear by friction during backwash, regeneration or service.
  • ASH CONTENT - Number reflects the purity of the activated carbon. Ash is the inorganic residue left after heating the raw material. In general, a low percentage is desirable.
  • METHYLENE BLUE - The number of milligrams of methylene blue that can be absorbed by 1 gram of carbon. It measures the macroporous volume of carbon and generally excluding the micropores.

IBC Water stock a comprehensive range of water treatment media and resin

  • FRIABILITY - Calculated based on the useable quantity (having same effective size) of a substance after grinding.
  • EFFECTIVE SIZE - A measure of the size of a media defined as the diameter of a specific particle in a batch (of lot) which has 10% smaller and 90% larger particles.
  • IODINE* - Use to correlate the ability of activated carbon to absorb low molecular weight and small organic substance. It is the milligram of iodine molecule that can be absorbed by 1 gram carbon.
    *(Iodine is used because of it's small molecular size).
  • ACID SOLUBILITY - The loss of weight of media after being in contact with the acid. The loss must be less than 2%.
  • SPECIFIC GRAVITY - Ratio of the weight of a specific volume of a substance compared to the weight of the same volume of water at 4 degrees Celsius.
  • UNIFORM COEFFICIENT - The degree of variation in the size of the grains that constitute granular material. The coefficient is 1 if the grains size are all the same and increases with greater variation.

Product Particulars

 Products  Physical Properties

 Used in a variety of water treatment applications requiring the removal of taste, chlorine, odour and colour. Base materials available from coconut shells, coals or others. Granular activated carbon absorbs chlorine, organics, bluegreen algae toxins and has a nominal capacity and the carbon will need replacing when it's removal capacity diminishes.

 COLOUR: black
 FORM: granular or powdered
 EFFECTIVE SIZE: typically 0.9-1.7 mm 
 (granular) 80% finer than 60 micron
 UNIFORMITY: 1.35-1.5 granular
 IODINE#: available from 800-1300mg/g
 METHYLENE BLUE: available in 156 or 210 mg/g
 ASH CONTENT: available from 2 - 4 %
 REPLACEMENT: every 1-2 years, based on city water with 0.4-0.75 ppm free chlorine

 Hard and durable coal particles with a wide variety of mesh size used in the multi media filter for filtering or underbedding needs.

 * Equivalent of Anthracite coal and conforming to American Water Works Association Standard AWWA B100-89 Sect. 2.2 Filter Media.

 SPECIFIC GRAVITY: 1.45 to AS1289.C5.1
 HARDNESS: 3.0-3.8
 EFFECTIVE SIZE: available from 0.8 - 4.4 mm or other specified ES
 UNIFORMITY: 1.25 - 1.4
 ATTRITION LOSS: Average 0.25% per annum

 An excellent granular filter media used for the removal of iron and manganese compounds from raw water supplies. Birm does not require chemicals for regeneration, only periodic backwashing is required.

 COLOUR: black
 DENSITY: 755 - 803 kg/m3
 FORM: fine or regular
 EFFECTIVE SIZE: 0.61mm (fine) 0.49mm  (regular)
 UNIFORMITY: 1.72 (fine) 2.14 (regular)

 High quality graded silica sand for effective and efficient removal of suspended solids in single or multi-media filters. Meets the filter media standard AWWA B100-89. Available in bag or bulk supplies.

 ACID SOLUBILITY: 0.8% in 10% Hcl
 FRIABILITY: 15mm 12.8%
 EFFECTIVE SIZE: to order (typically 0.6-0.7mm)
 UNIFORMITY COEFFICIENT: to order (typically 1.25-1.5)
 BACKWASH LOSSES: 3-5% per annum

 Hard and durable round filter gravel for sand or carbon filters underbedding. Meets the filter media standard AWWA B100-89.

 ACID SOLUBILITY: 1.0% in 10% Hcl
 PHYSICAL SIZE: to order
 SIZE TOLERANCE: 5% undersize and 2% over

 An excellent high density filter media for suspended solids removal and/or underbeddings used in multi-media filter.

 EFFECTIVE SIZE: to order (typically 1.0-1.2mm)
 UNIFORMITY COEFFICIENT: to order (typically 1.5 max)

 An inexpensive crushed and screened white marble material used to neutralise acid or low pH waters to a neutral non- corrosive effluent.

 COLOUR: white
 COMPOSITION: CaCO3 95% (minimum)  MgCO3 3.0% (maximum)
 STANDARD SIZES: 2-8mm (reduce when in use)
 REPLACEMENT: constantly depending on pH of effluent

 The greensand is capable of removing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration.

 COLOUR: black
 EFFECTIVE SIZE: 0.30 - 0.35 mm
 MESH SIZE: 16-60
 ATTRITION LOSS: 2% per annum

 Used in water softening, demineralisation, dealkalisation, heavy metal recoveries, chemicals processing etc. Available in strong acid and weak acid forms suitable for general or high purity water applications. Ability to provide the equivalent of your existing process resins.

 TYPE: gel or macro porous
 MATRIX: Styrene-DVB or crosslinked Acrylic
 IONIC FORM: Na+ or H+
 CAPACITY: 1.65 - 2.40 eq (strong acid)  3.00 - 4.20 eq (weak acid)
 ATTRITION LOSS: 3.5% per annum

 Used in demineralisation, organics removal etc. Available in strong base and weak base forms suitable for general or high purity water applications. Ability to provide the equivalent of your existing resins.

 TYPE: gel or macro porous
 MATRIX: styrene-DVB or Acrylic-DVB
 IONIC FORM: CI- or freebase
 CAPACITY: 1.0 - 1.4 eq (strong base) 1 -  2.7 eq (weak base)
 ATTRITION LOSS: 8 - 10% per annum

 Used in demineralisation for ultra pure water and decontamination of secondary cooling circuits.

 TYPE: nuclear grade
 RATIO: stoichiometric equivalent or mixed to selected ratio.
 CAPACITY: 0.58 meq/ml
 ATTRITION LOSS: 1% per annum